Youth Fishing Derby at Shaver Lake Registration Form
Hi and thank you for your interest in participating in the June 9th, 2018 Youth Fishing Derby at Shaver Lake. This event has become very popular and we have to make sure we can accommodate the kids that come to the event. Therefore, we must limit the signups to the first 100 individuals You can use one form for all your children..


As parent or guardian of below named child(ren). I certify that said child(ren) has/have my permission to attend and participate in the above mentioned Youth Fishing Derby at Shaver Lake, held on the above date, time and location. submitting this form, I hereby waive and release all other participants, the host, sponsors, and all other officials or parties involved in the Youth Fishing Derby at Shaver Lake from all claims and/or damage incurred in connection with this Youth Fishing Derby at Shaver Lake..

I also hereby grant the sponsor and co-sponsors the unconditional right to use the name, voice, and photographic likeness of the child in connection with any of their audio/video productions, articles, or press releases, but not as an endorsement. So please fill out this secure form completely and submit it to us. We'll confirm your Reservation Request by email.

Again, We look forward to seeing you soon! Please call (559) 855-8752 or E-mail us for more information.

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